miercuri, 28 mai 2008

The sownd of sufference

The sownd of sufference is hitting you with calm and it is leaving a great scar on your arm, while you are pushing the knife deeper with your other hand. Never you would thoough that if you want to be happy you have to make it by yourself, by inducing a dose of pain just to know what you are missing. Pain and pleasure come toghetter and they act togheter like broter and sister. One says yes, one says no, but whatever you may try, you can never get rid of one of them.

When you suffer you know the value of pleasure and it is as sweet as honey in a cup of lemon juice, and just to take a lick of that sweet love you have to let the iritating bitter go deeply in your throut. Why couldn't it be the oposite when it comes to pleasure? Becouse it is in a more dense material... It comes and goes like a fresh breeze of wind in a canicular summer day, when your higheel shoes go deeper in the melted road.

Why is this dense mterial so rare and misunderstood? Becouse it is like the siroup in contact with water. We find small pleasures that come and spread de sourness from the top of our tongue, but when it comes to the place deep un out throat, the pain is pure.

"'s a great enhancer. It might last, a minute, or a month, but eventually it subsides, and when it does, something else takes it's place, and maybe that thing is a greater space. For happiness. The real reward for pain is this: Self-Knowledge." Lance Armstrong -Every second counts

It's to much to comprehend beyound the true reason of persuasion. Seeking for one thing makes us do unpredictable tings and have unpredictable behaviours. Sometimes we hide sometimes we let it all go, but when is the moment to do it right you never know. When the moment comes will you ever know what it is? Will it be a false scratch on the tip of the problem, or is it the real thing? So thinking at this, apreciate the moment and live it like it is the last thing. Pleasure comes and goers, pain is here everyday and it's the easyest to purchase.

So this is the way a guy makes me feel, theese are the words that are spilling on this page becouse of stupiditty. How can one make this by beeing a irrecuperable ignorant and a real bitch? Why am I irritated by my old own ways?

"I'd like to run away from you ,but if you never found me I would die I'd like to break the chains you put around me, but I know I never will

You stay away and all I do is wonder why the hell I wait for you,

But when did common sense prevail for lovers when we know it never will,//

Impossible to live with you, but I know, I could never live without you ,

For whatever you do I never, never, never want to be in love with anyone but you/

You never treat me like you should, so what's the good of loving as I do?

Although you always laugh at love, nothing else would be good enough for you ...''

Shirley Bassey