luni, 7 iulie 2008

Don't be an empty dummy

This ain't a secret anymore! I'M IN LOVE... It took me a while to admit it, but finally I realised that it's true and I am not afraid to say it and share it to the world.
This is the thing that keeps me alive and makes me go further in life eventhough it can kill me. I am having the time of my life and no soul can say it's not true. It's like a flame that comes back every now and then, reminding me that I am here for one reason and there is no other thing that can make me going.

This LOVE is the passion for movement, the passion for freedom, the passion for being yourself... it's my drug that wakes me up from bitterness or pain. My luck is that I can feed my passion everywhere, anytime, and I can share it or not with one ore more, known or unknown souls.
Take for instance a bus, full of empty souls looking out the window and seeing absolutely nothing... don't you want to wake them up? I want to laugh out of nothing or dance between the chairs listening my mp3. This is the life and I'm feeling it! Look at me all you empty people and be amazed of my power of mind and soul regeneration, helped by only my spirit and pasiion. I am watching all you sad souls and I am feeding mysepf with your saddness and bitter and thinking that nothing should let me be that sad.
My life is filled with love and whenever I'm down, the power of true pasion reminds me why I'm alive. In this curved life, you don't really have to make it to the upper point becouse as higher you go, you should remember that the can be deeper.

Learn to keep it pasionate, find yourself something to love (not necesary someone) and make it the thing that filles your life.


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