joi, 4 septembrie 2008

Candy is sticky sweet

It's sweet, is't sticky, it's crwel and spicy... As we create ourselfs in time and space, evolution is crazy and shameless. Dominating the fear of all kind of happening, the crazyness of things is simply unpredictable and shameless. This is nothing, I create for the pleasure of beeing bored... at least this time the words are coming and droping into my soul as you drop a jarr of honey. The word is crwel and sweet and sticky. It may last forever if it doesn't have an opposit, but it often doesn't..
Crazy how the word is slippery, it never has just one purpose and it will never be too clear for the mind of the beginer. Belief is sick, just try not to do that and follow the instinct of your beeing. Commit in the irony of chance cause if you try and avoid the result, it may be crwel. The dinamic of chance comes from what you made of it, your chance comes in waves and stops at it's breakage... you either leap or dive, or stay and drown. Beware of courage becouse it can be your last felling of a human beeing. Be affraind of the lame cause it can cause you fear and regret, and shout at the moon if you are stupid enough to droun in it's light.

Do not listen couse it's sick, it's my interiour that gives birth to ”word”, eventhough meaning is nothing. The word is lethal and sweet, it sticks first to everything and it's birth to faith.
Creating the perfect sentance you should fear not of what you made of it but what people make of it sence. You are not the creator of your meaning, but the one that listens, the one that gives your meaning thea reali meaning. You may speak, but the word is free...

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